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The blog of Dr. Anne Peled, board-certified plastic surgeon. Dr. Peled discusses breast reconstruction and breast cancer surgery topics and operates in the San Francisco area.
Once you’ve spoken with your family members about their cancer history, you should discuss what you’ve learned with your doctor. Depending on your family or personal history of cancer, you may be recommended for genetic counseling or testing. Genetic testing is typically done with either a blood test or saliva test, though it’s best to be informed
One of the most important things about being in recovery from breast cancer, is to do things that will help you get back to normal as soon as possible. With their Empower Bras, Athleta does a wonderful job of supporting women both physically and emotionally. You can read what I have to say about their products here . When you buy any Athleta bra be
Anne Peled, M.D. describes how exercise and physical exertion can help reduce the risk of breast cancer in women.  No matter what kind of exercise you’re getting, from jogging to playing with your kids, it all helps.  Get out there and exercise 30 minutes a day.
Anxiety around mammograms can lead some women to avoid them altogether. Fortunately, the vast majority of women getting screening mammograms will find out their results are normal and not need additional testing. There are many questions, myths and misconceptions about mammograms and how helpful they are in detecting health concerns. You can find a
The National Breast Cancer Foundation has some great information on how to do self-breast exams, what to do if you find a lump and when you should talk to your doctor. Visit here to find out more, get free information sent to you from their website and learn how to start examining your own breasts today.
Most breast lumps are not breast cancer, but something less serious considered “benign breast conditions” like fibroadenomas, breast cysts or similar, which occur frequently in young women. Some lumps are related to your menstrual cycle and usually go away with the ending of your cycle. However, here is what you should do if you find  any &nbs
Breast Cancer Awareness Month All through October, Dr. Anne Peled will be sharing stories and videos about Breast Cancer in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. To learn more about Breast Cancer Surgery and Breast Reconstruction Surgery, visit today. Anne's posts will appear thi
One of the most frequent questions I get asked when I speak to patients about recovering after surgery is when they can exercise again. I love having active and healthy patients and strongly encourage exercise before and after surgery, but always spend a lot of time going over an exercise timeline to make sure it’s done safely. While you should ask
Prophylactic Mastectomy is a surgical procedure that removes one or both breasts in order to lower the potential for breast cancer development in women at higher breast cancer risk.  The surgery can significantly reduce the risk for women carrying the BRCA1 or BRCA 2 gene mutation or other gene mutations, as well as women with a strong history
Dr. Peled has been chosen to be profiled in this month's California Society of Plastic Surgeons New Member Spotlight, with an interview discussing the best thing about being a plastic surgeon, her favorite procedure to perform, what she couldn't operate without, her first social media check in the morning, her favorite hobby, and the best part of w
I recently saw a woman in my office who had been diagnosed with breast cancer over 30 years ago, at age 37.  At that time, she had undergone a simple mastectomy without reconstruction, a major lymph node dissection, and chemotherapy for what sounded like a small, very treatable, Stage I cancer.   Since that time, as would be expected
Switching to pre-pectoral (“over-the-muscle”) breast reconstruction: how to fix chest wall hyperanimation Up until the last few years, most women who had implant reconstruction after mastectomy typically had their implants placed under their chest wall muscles.  Now, however, we know that women can get great reconstruction results with implant
Today is the 5 th Annual BRAVE Day for Breast Reconstruction, and I am so proud to be part of the event to help raise awareness.  BRAVE Day is sponsored by the BRAVE Coalition, and their mission is to create awareness for women’s rights to a Breast Reconstruction after Breast Cancer Surgery.  While it’s a law that insurance carriers cover
Dr. Peled was quoted in Cosmopolitan this week in an anticle titled Facts About Inverted Nipples.  You can read the article here and learn more about inverted nipples and what they mean for your body.
  Dr. Anne Peled's story has been featured in the Columbian.  Please follow the link to read the well-written article by @MarissaHarshman.  
Six weeks ago, I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer.   As a breast cancer and breast plastic surgeon, I see women all the time who are in the exact same place I’ve been since receiving the phone call from the pathologist.  Shocked and terrified by the news, overwhelmed by what this is going to mean for their life in both the short-
Fortunately for women undergoing breast cancer or breast cancer prevention surgery, the choices available for reconstruction just keep getting better and better.   New technologies and techniques help women get back to looking and feeling like themselves faster and better than ever.   These new approaches allow women to move pas
I was recently at a meeting with a talk about “Mommy Makeovers”, a term popularized in social media for women looking to improve their appearance following pregnancy and having children.  As a plastic surgeon and a mother, I’ve never liked the term, thinking it takes the focus off of women wanting to look and feel their best for any number of
The potential association between breast implants and a rare form of cancer was recently brought to light in a New York Times article . Understandably, this has led to a lot of concern from women who already have or who may get breast implants about the safety of their implants. Although the article reports that the breast implants placed in the wo
As breast reconstruction techniques have evolved through the years, patients have benefitted from the advanced technology. One of the latest techniques offering several advantages to patients is breast reconstruction surgery done with what is called pre-pectoral reconstruction. Pre-pectoral reconstruction places the implant above the chest muscles,
Dr. Anne Peled spoke at the Advances In Breast Cancer Care Luncheon, held October 14 th , 2016 at the Yountville Community Center in support of Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day, October 19 th , 2016.  The event was sponsored by the St. Helena Martin-O’Neil Cancer Center and also included Dr. Anne Katz, a therapist specializing in breast can
Dr. Anne Peled was a featured speaker at the School of Oncoplastic Surgery’s September Program in Las Vegas, NV. The program ran September 8-10, and featured experts on Oncologic Surgery speaking to their specialties at Merin Lab at the Medical Education Institute of Nevada. Dr. Peled’s lecture, Reconstructive Considerations Following Nipple-Sparin
What is “oncoplastic” breast surgery? Although many patients are aware of breast reconstruction following mastectomy, many do not know about the option of breast reconstruction done at the time of lumpectomy. Oncoplastic surgery is the term used to describe rearranging the breast tissue at the time of lumpectomy to help improve the appearance of th
As a breast cancer surgeon, I’m often asked what women can do to prevent getting breast cancer. Unfortunately, there is no known way to completely prevent breast cancer (yet!), but there are important changes and choices you can make to reduce your chance of getting breast cancer. 1. KNOW YOUR (and your family’s) HISTORY Although only an estimated
  Is Direct-to-Implant Breast Reconstruction Right for Me? Common options for breast reconstruction after mastectomy include implant-based reconstruction and autologous reconstruction using a woman’s own tissue.  Traditionally, implant-based reconstruction is done in two-stages, with a temporary implant called a tissue expander placed at
For women diagnosed with cancer, the most important goal for them and their surgical team is and should be to safely treat the cancer and minimize the chance that it comes back in the breast or elsewhere in the body.  Also important, however, is to try to do the operation in a way that gets women back to feeling as good, if not better, about t
Dr. Anne Peled is thrilled to be joining Dr. Bryant Toth in his Pacific Heights plastic surgery office.   Dr. Toth is an internationally renowned aesthetic and craniofacial surgeon with extensive experience across the spectrum of aesthetic and reconstructive surgery.   Dr. Peled and Dr. Toth share a strong commitment to providing patients