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Dr. Anne Peled is a breast, plastic, and reconstructive surgeon practicing in San Francisco. She is also an educator and innovator of novel breast surgery techniques and a breast cancer survivor.

BRAVE Day 2018

Today is the 5th Annual BRAVE Day for Breast Reconstruction, and I am so proud to be part of the event to help raise awareness.  BRAVE Day is sponsored by the BRAVE Coalition, and their mission is to create awareness for women’s rights to a Breast Reconstruction after Breast Cancer Surgery.  While it’s a law that insurance carriers cover breast reconstruction after surgery, a majority of women are not told about or given this option.  This is unacceptable.

 Less than 30% of women actually know about their legal restoration options, and that has to change.

That’s why we are proud to stand with the BRAVE Coalition every day and want to raise awareness here on BRAVE Day to help every woman who has been misled about their rights.

To donate, visit and please like their page at to learn more. 

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