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Dr. Anne Peled is a breast, plastic, and reconstructive surgeon practicing in San Francisco. She is also an educator and innovator of novel breast surgery techniques and a breast cancer survivor.

Pre-Pectoral Breast Reconstruction


As breast reconstruction techniques have evolved through the years, patients have benefitted from the advanced technology. One of the latest techniques offering several advantages to patients is breast reconstruction surgery done with what is called pre-pectoral reconstruction.

Pre-pectoral reconstruction places the implant above the chest muscles, which can lead to quicker recovery time, less post-operative pain, and improved mobility. It also prevents hyper-animation deformity, where the pectoral muscles look prominent and can cause a rippling in the implant when they are activated, which can occur when the implant is placed beneath the muscle.

Pre-pectoral reconstruction can be done with either one-stage or two-stage implant reconstruction, which is determined based on patient goals and certain specific details of the treatment plan.

Dr. Anne Peled is a board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in mastectomy and breast reconstruction. For a consultation or for more information, call 415-923-3011 or visit for more information.

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