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Dr. Anne Peled is a breast, plastic, and reconstructive surgeon practicing in San Francisco. She is also an educator and innovator of novel breast surgery techniques and a breast cancer survivor.

What Can You Do To Reduce Your Risk?

What Can You Do To Reduce Your Risk

As a breast cancer surgeon, I get asked all the time about the best ways to reduce your breast cancer risk.  For some women with a higher than average risk due to family history or a genetic mutation associated with breast cancer, discussing medical or surgical ways to reduce your risk may be recommended.  But for women who don’t have increased risk, while we know that there is not a magic way to prevent breast cancer, certain lifestyle factors can help decrease the chance of breast cancer, not to mention having other health benefits as well.  Here are some tips for improving your breast health:

  1. 1) Try to eat a rainbow diet full of different colors of produce

  2. 2) Exercise regularly, with a goal of 30 minutes five times weekly

  3. 3) Keep alcohol in moderation, ideally no more than 4-5 drinks per week

  4. 4) Stop/don’t start smoking

  5. 5) Maintain a healthy weight, especially after menopause

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