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With Dr. Anne Peled's unique training in both plastic and reconstructive surgery
and breast oncologic surgery, she truly understands the importance of
comprehensive, well-integrated surgical care.
Sensation-Preserving Mastectomy

Breast cancer surgery that combines a mastectomy and immediate reconstruction while preserving breast sensation.

Breast cancer

Many different cutting-edge approaches to breast cancer treatment and surgery, customized for each patient.

Breast Cancer Risk Reduction

Breast Surgery for BRCA1 or BRCA2 positive patients and those at higher risk of developing breast cancer.  


 Surgery to increase size and/or balance of breasts based on patient’s preference, using breast implants and/or fat transfer.

A procedure to remove excess tissue to achieve a breast size more proportionate with your body.

Group of surgeries designed to change the physical effects of childbirth and help women feel more like before their pregnancy.

A safe and effective way to achieve an improved body contour with small incisions and minimal scarring. 

A procedure to improve contour of the abdomen to help you look and feel better.

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Our San Francisco practice is fundamentally by women, for women, and aims to get women back to their lives better than when they started, whether they are coming to us for breast cancer surgery, reconstruction, or aesthetic surgery. As a mom, a daughter, an athlete, a surgeon, an educator, and a breast cancer survivor, I have built my practice around the question of: ‘What would I want if I were going through this now?’ In my opinion, the only way to deliver care is to be there from the start through the end, for all the big decisions and milestones along the way, and to research and invent the most cutting-edge techniques and tools to ensure the very best outcomes. We are on this journey together.​

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