Face Procedures

Anne Peled, M.D. is widely acclaimed as one of the best plastic surgeons in San Francisco, California. Her work is noted for its cutting-edge approach and beautiful results.


There are very few surgical procedures that compare to the rejuvenating effects of a facelift. Incisions are usually made within the hairline or along the hair margin above the ear and extend around the earlobe to the hairline behind the ear. The tissue layers beneath the skin, including the neck muscles are tightened, excess fat can be trimmed or repositioned, and the excess skin and soft tissue removed. The final result is usually evident within 4-6 weeks, but can be seen sooner and patients often see continued improvement for several months thereafter. While the results of facelift surgery can be quite dramatic, Dr. Peled makes every effort to ensure that the final outcome is a more youthful, natural-looking face.

Facial Fat Transfer

Over recent years, taking fat from one part of the body and using it to add volume to another part of the body has become increasingly popular. Fat can now be used to add volume to the face to make it appear more youthful, to the breasts for small breast augmentations, and also for breast reconstruction. With fat grafting, fat is taken from one part of the body (often the abdomen or thighs) with typical liposuction techniques and then transferred to a different body part. With careful techniques, the majority of the fat that is transferred will "take" and be incorporated into the body.


Sagging eyelids or puffiness below the eyes can cause many people to looked tired and appear older than they feel. Eyelid rejuvenation surgery (blepharoplasty) can have a remarkable effect on aging eyes for both men and women. Incisions are placed below the lash lines (lower eyelid) and in the skin crease of the eyelid (upper eyelid) so as to “hide” them. During eyelid rejuvenation surgery, the excess skin and fat that cause the "tired" look of the eyes are removed and the tissues are tightened as necessary to produce a more youthful, vibrant appearance. As with all aesthetic surgical procedures that Dr. Peled performs, she strives for a result that appears natural leaving the patient with a “refreshed” look.

Brow lift

A brow lift is a surgical procedure that reduces horizontal wrinkle lines on the forehead and those between the eyes, helps reduce frown lines between the eyebrows, lifts sagging eyebrows and reduces “hooding” of the eyelids, and moves the eyebrows to a more attractive position, making you look more alert. This surgery is often performed in combination with other facial procedures.

Common Questions

Depending on the procedure, recovery time can be any time from 2 to 4 weeks.

You can usually start walking within the first week, and can then slowly increase your exercise over next several weeks. You are generally back to full activity in 4 to 6 weeks.

Our office has a scar management system that is customized for each patient.

Most people take 1 to 2 weeks off after surgery before they return to work, but this depends on the procedure.