We offer a variety of procedures, all of which necessitate a range of products before, during, and after your treatment. The following is a selection of recommended products for your reference, but we will discuss this in much more detail during your pre-operative and post-operative appointments.

Breast Reconstruction, Augmentation, or Reduction

You will need to wear a soft bra without underwire for at least 3 months post breast reduction, breast augmentation with implants, or breast reconstruction. In the first two weeks after surgery, it’s best to wear a compression bra that zips or snaps in the front so you don’t have to lift your arms overhead. After two weeks, a softer bra (with or without a front closure) that still provides support but is less compressive is recommended. Below are a few of Dr. Peled's favorite products.

First-Stage (compression/support)

She fit – Real Support Seamless
Athleta – Empower Daily Bra
Annette – Seamless Surgical Bra

Second-Stage (SUPPORT/Comfort)


For a wonderfully comprehensive list of more product recommendations for recovering after breast cancer surgery and treatment, See below for a selection of recommended pre- and post- surgical products. For an even more comprehensive list of more product recommendations for here’s one of our favorite resources:

Liposuction/Fat Grafting

Wearing a compression garment after surgery can help minimize postoperative swelling and bruising. Compression garments are worn after fat-grafting or liposuction procedures, and should cover all fat grafting donor sites and liposuction sites.