What To Do When You Find a Breast Lump

Image of woman feeling for a breast lump wondering what to do when she finds a breast lump

What To Do When You Find a Breast Lump

4 out of every 5 Breast masses areBenign

Most breast lumps are not breast cancer, but something less serious considered “benign breast conditions” like fibroadenomas, breast cysts or similar, which occur frequently in young women. Some lumps are related to your menstrual cycle and usually go away with the ending of your cycle. Here’s what to do when you find a breast lump or mass:

Make an appointment to see your primary care provider, OB/GYN, breast surgeon or anyone who you see regularly for your health maintenance, especially if you discover any new breast changes or you have any concerns. This provider will typically do a physical exam and/or order imaging to further evaluate your concern.

A breast change can be anything from a lump or thickening in or near the breast tissue or even in your underarm area. It can be a change in size, shape or consistency of your breast. Breast changes can also be just nipple changes or the feeling in your skin or nipple/areolar area. Clear, bloody, or any fluid coming from your nipple should always be evaluated by a healthcare provider or any redness on the breast or nipple tissue.