Introducing New Post-Surgical Bras at Our Practice

Introducing New Post-Surgical Bras at Our Practice

We are thrilled to announce an exciting addition to the patient care services here at our practice. Understanding the unique needs of our patients, especially those undergoing surgery, we are now offering a specially curated selection of post-surgical bras designed for optimal comfort and support during the recovery process.

Featured Bra: Prairie Wear Hugger PRIMA

Our most popular choice among patients is the Prairie Wear Hugger PRIMA bra, which we love for its thoughtful design and effective support. This front closure bra offers medium to high compression, which makes it perfect for helping with swelling and recovery in the first weeks after surgery. One of the standout features of the Prairie Wear bra is its comprehensive coverage, extending higher up into the armpit area. This design is not only comfortable but also crucial for patients having lymph node surgery who benefit from the extra compression in the lymph node area after surgery.

Convenient Shopping and Personalized Service

We aim to make the process of selecting the right post-surgical bra as easy and comfortable as possible. Patients can explore and order our bras through several convenient options:

  • Online Shop: Browse and purchase directly from our website at your convenience.
  • In-Office Purchases: Visit us during office hours to view our selection and receive personalized advice on sizing and style.
  • Phone Orders: Prefer to handle it over the phone? Give us a call, and we can assist you with your order directly.

For added convenience, we ensure that the bras are available to you right when you need them. They can be brought directly to your surgery date or delivered to our office, ready for pick-up or fitting.

Try On for the Perfect Fit

Not sure about your size or the style that would best suit your needs? We encourage you to come in and try on different options. Our friendly staff is here to help you find the perfect fit, ensuring comfort and support during your recovery journey.

At our practice we are committed to providing holistic support to our patients and love now having personalized post-operative garment options as part of our dedicated effort to ensure a smooth, comfortable recovery for all our patients. We look forward to assisting you in our office, online, or over the phone.

For more information or to start shopping, please visit our website or contact our office directly. Let us help you find the perfect post-surgical support as you recover and regain strength and get back to feeling even better than you started!