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The blog of Dr. Anne Peled, board-certified plastic surgeon. Dr. Peled discusses breast reconstruction and breast cancer surgery topics and operates in the San Francisco area.
  We are excited to have the results from our combined work on nerve grafting and preservation at the time of nipple-sparing mastectomy and implant reconstruction published in the open access arm of the largest international plastic surgery journal . The study describes our combined work to improve sensation for women who go through mastectomi
  A breast reduction , also known as a reduction mammaplasty , is a surgery where breast tissue and skin are removed to reduce the size of the breasts while also re-shaping and lifting them. This surgery can not only help to alleviate some of the symptoms associated with large breasts such as back, neck, and breast pain, but also lead to a mor
In a touching interview, breast surgeon Dr. Anne Peled opens about her personal experience as a breast cancer survivor
Dr. Peled explains how women need to use Genetic Testing to determine if they are at risk for breast cancer in her new video.
After recent increased concerns around breast implant safety, which prompted an FDA hearing in March 2019 focused on this issue, certain types of breast implants and tissue expanders with textured surfaces have now been taken off the market . Here’s some information that may help you sort through your breast implant-related questions and be able to
I recently had an article published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery   about using silicone implants for breast reconstruction  and breast augmentation .  One of my favorite parts about being a plastic surgeon is getting to use and learn about new technology, which is why I was excited to talk about the latest advances in silico
In the midst of processing everything after finding out you have breast cancer, thinking about what to expect after surgery can easily get lost. While everyone’s recovery is a little different, and it’s always best to check with your surgeon about their specific recommendations, here’s an overview of common breast cancer procedures to give you a se
  Anne Peled, M.D. answered many patients' questions about Breast Cancer Surgery and Breast Health on April 19, 2019.  We collected the questions below so you can watch the video and find answers to all of these questions at the times listed below: 2:20 How many women who choose to save their nipples end up getting cancer anyway, either i
Concerns about the safety of breast implants have been all over the news lately, but the information presented is often confusing and can lead to more questions than answers. In order to really understand all of the information, it’s important to know some basics about breast implants (which many women are unfortunately not well-informed about befo
I’m honored to have recently had a paper published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery   focused on patient-reported outcomes after nipple-sparing mastectomy and breast reconstruction. Over the past decade, plastic surgeons have realized the importance of not just reporting on complication rates after surgical procedures, but also specifical
Anne Peled, M.D. answered many patients' questions about Breast Cancer Surgery and Breast Health on March 27, 2019.  We collected the questions below so you can watch the video and find answers to all of these questions at the times listed below: 0:49 Over the muscle or under the muscle reconstruction: can you muscle be too thin for over the m
ANNE PELED, M.D. JOINS BRAVE COALITION FOUNDATION IN CELEBRATING THE 6 TH ANNUAL BRAVE DAY, EDUCATING AND ADVOCATING FOR BREAST CANCER RECONSTRUCTIVE RIGHTS [SAN FRANCISCO, CA] March 21, 2019 Breast Restoration AdVocacy and Education (BRAVE) Coalition Foundation is recognizing their 6 th annual “Brave Day” nationally this year.  Brave seeks to
  Finding out you’re at increased risk for future breast cancer due to your family history or a genetic mutation (or both), can be really overwhelming. Here are some steps that may help you come up with a plan that feels right to you and lets you feel more in control of your health and body. First , a genetic counselor and/or high-risk breast
We are so excited to have welcomed Nicole Daoud, PA-C, into our practice in late 2018. Nicole is bright, energetic, compassionate, and really goes above and beyond to help provide the patient-centered, high-touch care we are so proud of at APMD. As a patient in our practice, you may see Nicole when you come in for your first consultation, at a foll
If you missed Anne Peled, MD on The Doctors TV today, click below to hear Anne share how she got through her own breast cancer diagnosis and what it has meant for her practice. This Friday, Anne will host a Facebook Live to answer any questions about her own breast cancer experience, breast health, screening considerations, and reconstruction optio
One of the most rewarding parts of my job is educating other surgeons and patients on new and exciting techniques in breast cancer and breast reconstruction surgery. I love interacting with surgeons who are truly passionate about learning new approaches to help their patients get better outcomes, and with patients who want to know all of their opti
I was interviewed last week for the article " Choosing Between Over or Under the Muscle " by Paige More over at .  Paige asked me a variety of questions, ranging from my experiences as a survivor of breast cancer to my opinion on Over the Muscle and Under the Muscle breast reconstruction techniques. Paige had a double mastect
One of the most common operations performed for the treatment of breast cancer is a complete mastectomy, which involves removal of all of the breast tissue.  Mastectomy approaches have evolved over time and many women are now able to safely have nipple-sparing mastectomies in the hands of well-trained breast surgeons.  When combined with
I’m currently only weeks away from my one year “cancerversary” from being diagnosed with Stage I breast cancer at age 37 and am finding myself taken back to where I was last year in getting ready to be on the “ other side of the scalpel ” as I prepare for reconstruction revision surgery. In some ways, this feels similar, in terms of the worry about
Finding out you have breast cancer can be overwhelming on so many levels. In the midst of all of the initial appointments, it can be difficult to understand which providers you need to see and how each one is involved in your care. Here are some of the breast cancer providers who may be a part of your breast cancer care team (everyone’s situation i
Dr. Anne Peled was interviewed on KTVU about Breast Cancer Awareness Month to discuss both her experience with breast cancer and how she treats it at her practice. W atch the entire video here, and if you have questions about breast cancer surgery or breast cancer awareness, visit  today to make an appointment or read more.
One of the most frequent questions I get asked when I speak to patients about recovering after surgery is when they can exercise again. I love having active and healthy patients and strongly encourage exercise before and after surgery, but always spend a lot of time going over an exercise timeline to make sure it’s done safely. While you should ask
What is Fat Grafting and How Is It Used in Breast Reconstruction? What is Fat Grafting? Over recent years, taking fat from one part of the body and using it to add volume to another part of the body has become increasingly popular.  Fat can now be used to add volume to the face to make it appear more youthful, to the breasts for small breast a
Anne Peled M.D. discusses how Oncoplastic Surgery can have a positive effect on the lives of breast cancer reconstruction patients during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. For more information about Oncoplastic Surgery, visit today.
What Is "Oncoplastic" Breast Surgery? Although many patients are aware of breast reconstruction following mastectomy, many do not know about the option of breast reconstruction done at the time of the lumpectomy. Oncoplastic surgery is the term used to describe rearranging the breast tissue at the time of lumpectomy to help improve the appearance o
Prepectoral ( or "above-the-muscle") breast reconstruction is an innovative, less invasive, breast reconstruction approach with quicker recovery, less pain, and better outcomes than older approaches that place implants under the muscle.  In this approach, implants are covered with a skin substitute that helps protect the implant and reduces th
After finding out you need surgery, the next step is to find the right surgical team for you, which can feel stressful and overwhelming, especially after a new breast cancer diagnosis.  Here are some suggestions for finding your breast surgery team: Seek out a breast surgery specialist:  Breast cancer treatment is constantly evolving and
Dr. Anne Peled talks about getting her own breast cancer diagnosis and some steps you can take immediately after getting your breast cancer news.
As a breast cancer surgeon, I get asked all the time about the best ways to reduce your breast cancer risk.  For some women with a higher than average risk due to family history or a genetic mutation associated with breast cancer, discussing medical or surgical ways to reduce your risk may be recommended.  But for women who don’t have inc